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Saudi Visa Types: Business, Visit & Work Visa

It’s not easy for those wanting to travel to Saudi Arabia due to all the recent changes to visas. This post will go over everything including the kind of visa required to enter Saudi Arabia , and how to obtain it via a port-of-entry.

Saudi Arabia Visa Types

1. Visa for Business/Commercial Use

The most popular and simplest visa type for Saudi Arabia is the commercial/business visa. This allows an individual, for the benefit of their business or business in the event that they’ve received an invitation from a person in Saudi Arabia already, to conduct business in the market. Online applications are possible at any point prior to departure. But, you have to satisfy certain conditions. Like having enough money with one firm to provide money on demand once you have arrived in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Anyone who wants to bring family members to an event should first sign in at the front door. Then, they have to wait patiently while the office is busy. Sometimes it can take up to 3 months. The schedules have been approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs offices in the city. Invitations will be sent out with no surprise or delay. You can just feel satisfied that someone special is going to arrive soon.

2. Visit to Work

Keep in mind that one of the quintessential points about a business visa is that you are only paid by your US employer. You will not receive any compensation directly from Saudi hosts. If you believe they’ve done something wrong, please check that their visit-work permission has been received before getting it. Keep in mind that it is still going through the process similar to other applications. Therefore, expect some modifications in dealing with Embassy staff.

3. Government Visa

A government-sponsored program is the easiest and most well-liked visa. This kind of permit can be obtained by a meeting with several Saudi Arabian government institutions or their employees at the embassy during the application process; however less documentation from the client yourself is required in order to be eligible for this type of sponsorship. The process usually takes one to two business days and is completely free.

4. Visa for Family Visit

A family visit visa is very difficult to obtain, since it requires documents to establish your relationship with the individual. You’ll need birth certificates or marriage certificates if you are visiting grandparents . However, even more important than these small factors, there should be a strong bond between two individuals parents and children; spouse entails huge importance when applying for this kind of travel document.

5. Visa for Residence

The residence visa is designed for those who wish to move to or reside in KSA. This type of visa comes only from the Ministry of Interior. It is directly linked to your Iqama card. Additionally, you will require an employment-based permit. You’ll receive a yellow invitation. Butdon’t be waiting too long to see what they will tell you. There are some essential details to be aware about.

6. Work Visa

It can be difficult to get the Saudi Arabia work visa. The most difficult visa to obtain is one which requires you to work for your employer and enjoy benefits. This only happens when your employer provides direct hiring. The majority of people have to apply to several companies before they are considered to be employed.

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