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Web Design Trends For Smart Business Owners

Mobile First

Developers and designers are starting to build more websites that have an emphasis on mobile as the majority of revenue now comes from mobile. Developers and designers who are involved in web design or web development should have previous experience with designing mobile websites. This is due to the fact that it makes it easier to create apps which can be used on smaller screen sizes.

More Oblique/Organic Shapes

April showers bring May blossoms. That’s why we are getting rounded corners and brighter colors on websites. Similar to form input and avatars on profiles backgrounds aren’t limited to 90deg angles. Instead, they could be fascinating from different angles. This helps your customers stay on your site for longer lengths of time. It is important to ensure your website’s layout is consistent with current fashions. This will help build trust between your potential customers and you.

More animations and interactivity

animated websites are becoming more popular with each passing day due to advances in web-based technologies such as jQuery. These scripts permit you to transform your website into more than only a place to read printed text. They also permit interaction between users (and elements on the page) which was previously restricted by the limitations of images.

Websites have been getting more and more interactive. Sliders, page transitions, information panels or even simple animations are a great way to make your site seem alive without having to resort to the 1990s-style sexiness which we all know well. This increased interactivity can drive traffic to websites that generate income, which may result in a higher per-visit rate (RPV).


The usage of the HTML 5 video tag is becoming increasingly popular as companies want to keep their site’s traffic and not take them offsite. The increase in available platforms for hosting videos (including streaming) has made more businesses think they can handle this type of issue better than they could before using other technologies , such as YouTube or any other third-party provider which can shut down at any time so using tags like this allows companies’ videos to seamlessly integrate into its site while also giving you wider player selection capabilities.

Video Backgrounds

With the growing popularity of videos as backgrounds, you can utilize their benefits to your advantage. This will increase the level of engagement with your customers. This is because they help improve conversion rates by providing more information about what a business has to offer in a smaller space than traditional images would accomplish, making videos accessible to customers who aren’t able to be able to read all day.

Background videos can be an effective way to increase branding and the amount of people returning. They have been used all over the world, and also for specific kinds of backgrounds like video marketing or eCommerce content strategies that aid in growing your business while spending more time on your website while also increasing levels of customer engagement.

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