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What Does Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Include?

Windows 10 Pro offers some additional features not available with Windows 10 Home. For example, it has enterprise mode, which allows users to utilize advanced security tools such as BitLocker encryption to secure information on your device from damage or theft, without the need of the use of a password (as as long as you are an administrator). Remote desktop connectivity is also offered to employees so that they can access their computers from anywhere regardless of whether they have access. This makes it useful for when someone needs assistance and someone else isn’t responding quickly enough.

Assigned Access

This will give your employees access only to the programs that you need. This can be used if someone has been accessing data on their personal computer without permission. It’s time to stop any leaks that could be leaking and restrict who can access corporate networks. This is why Assigned Access was created.


A software for encryption is the best way to keep hackers from gaining access to your files. Windows 10 Pro is a more robust version of encryption software that permits every file to be encrypted and decrypted using an individual key. This makes it almost impossible for anyone (or anyone else with access) to access the contents of your files.

Domain Join

Domain Join is one of the many great features offered by the operating system. In just a single click, you can join computers and workstations to an already strong network for your business. However on Windows 10 Home Edition unless your company makes use of Microsoft accounts instead of local user accounts, there’s no option to connect them without first making changes online or using the GPE or Group Policy Editor (GPE).

Enterprise Mode for Internet Explorer

Enterprise Mode is now available for Windows 10 users. This mode allows websites to render using the modified settings for browsers. It mimics IE 7/8 with certain limitations, but it is perfect if you require that old compatibility.

Group Policy Management

Windows 10 provides Group Policy support. This feature allows system administrators to create configurations on computers for users. Advanced users can also utilize this feature to have any changes automatically applied upon login to a particular machine or at any point prior to.


Virtualization is a powerful feature in Microsoft’s operating system. Hyper-V was originally only available in Windows Server editions. Personal computers without this ability were not as powerful and needed to be updated. However, it now is standard across all versions. It is essential that your computer supports virtual machines, and also has enough processing power (which most newer models do).

Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop Connection is available for both Windows versions. But, this feature is not available if you would like to host an Inbound Server connection from an operating system running Windows 10 Pro.

Trusted Boot

Windows 10’s latest version will ensure that your PC is properly up-to-date with the most recent software and drivers before it starts. Secure Boot checks for malware and other harmful programs during the time of loading. Trusted Boot allows vendors like Lenovo to test their updates during startup.

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